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Super Shield

Teddy's Super Shield is a radiant barrier that turns your average r19 insulation into r70. We are guaranteeing that it will save at least 30% of your heating and cooling costs. Most homeowners see around 50%. at $1.20 a square foot, the average home is 1,800 square feet, so the average cost, installed, would be $2,160. With a Department of Energy tax rebate of 30% of the overall cost.
Power Saver 1200

The Power Saver 1200 is a power factor correction box. It uses compositors to correct losses in motors like in the air conditioning units and refrigerators. We also carry a box for commercial applications.
Do-It-Yourself Solar Kit

Teddy's DIY Solar Kit is made up of 6 Yingli solar panels and a PV Powered 2000 inverter. We include everything you need to install your own solar system. Teddy's DIY Solar Kit comes with home specific building plans for your local municipality, utility rebate paperwork and free admission to our solar bootcamp, which will teach you everything you need to know about installing your new solar system. We have same as cash financing for 12 months. Net cost is $6,200 and the PG&E rebate is $900. Your net cost is $3,700. This system will save you $1,000 a year with a return investment of three and a half years!!!
Solar Hot Tub

Our Solar Hot Tub Kit is a must have for anyone with a jacuzzi. It uses solar water heating tubes and a flexible solar electric panel to power a water pump that will supplement 70% of your jacuzzi heating costs for only $1,000. Call for a free site survey for an estimate on the installation.
Sun Dome Kit

We are an exclusive distributor for Sun Dome tubular light tubes. This device works like a skylight to evenly distribute natural light into any space in your home. One 13" tube is equivalent to four 100W incandescent light bulbs for only $340. Call for a free estimate for installation.
Solar Attic Fan

Ever wonder why it is so hot in your house at night in the summer time when it is nice outside? It's because 140 degree air is trapped in the attic and will linger all night. What you need is ventilation. Our Solar Attic Fan can help! This simple inexpensive product can reduce your cooling cost by 15% for only $350.
Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters are a great alternative to conventional water heating. If you understand how conventional heaters work, you can understand how wasteful heating 50 gallons of water day and night is, even when nobody is using it. Our heaters are custom ordered for your needs and instantly heat your water only when you need it. Site survey required for installation pricing.
Wind Turbines

We carry a wide variety of wind turbines for our on and off grid customers. From large 60' whole house turbines to small roof mounted solutions. California offers a very generous rebate for these installations. Every application is different so please call for pricing.
Solar Pump Well Kit

Teddy's solar well pump kit utilizes four 235W Yingli solar panels and a revolutionary grunfos flex hybrid submersible pump that can run off of solar or A/C electricity. Gross cost is $6,500 minus the 30% federal tax credit. Net cost is $4,500!! With an average investment of 4 years.
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